Retrospective and Perspective of Petri Net Research

On the occasion of the 40th birthday of the Petri net community, a special session will take place just after the closing of the Petri Net Conference. Outstanding speakers will reflect on the history of Petri net research and its future.  This event is open to everybody and not only to participants of the Petri Net Conference.


Session 1 (chair Jörg Desel)

13.30   Wolfgang Reisig: How it all begun

14.10   Maciej Koutny: The Petri net community today (including statistics)

14.50 break

Session 2 (chair Alex Yakovlev)

15.10   Gianfranco Balbo: 35 years of (generalized) stochastic Petri nets for performance analysis

15.30   Javier Esparza: 25 years of net unfoldings and true-concurrency analysis tools

15.50   Wil van der Aalst: 20 years of workflow Petri nets, initiating the biggest success story of Petri nets

16.10   Fabrice Kordon: 10 years of model checking contest with Petri nets

16.30  coffee break

Session 3 (chair Jetty Kleijn)

17.00 P.S. Thiagarajan: Some thoughts on Carl Adam Petri,  Petri nets, concurrency theory and biology

18.00 end