Prof. Fabrice Kordon

Sorbonne University, France

10 years of model checking contest with Petri nets


Prof. Fabrice Kordon is a full professor at Sorbonne Université. After having led the Modeling and Verification research team, for 15 years, he is now the director of LIP6, the Computer science research institute of Sorbonne Université. His research interest are related to distributed systems, software engineering and formal methods. He aims at to providing verification tools dedicated to distributed systems and usable by engineers with little knowledge of the underlying techniques. In particular, he explored several techniques to increase the efficiency of model checking engines : intensive exploitation of symmetries in systems, various types of decision diagrams (and automated saturation), new classes of automata (Transition based Generalized Testing Automata), etc. More recently he also focused his interested in the use of SAT solvers in the context of bounded model checking by investigating several techniques to speed up their execution : parallelization and exploitation of symmetries or other structural properties in the input CNF. He founded in 2011 the Model Checking Contest, that is now a key event for the community.