ACSD 2019 Program

THURSDAY – June 27, 2019 – ACSD

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The ACSD conference is co-located with the 40th International Conference on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets and Concurrency
(Petri Nets 2019) and shares the invited lectures.

09:00–10:00 Session Chair:  – Room Club Lounge 1

Invited talk ACSD (Shared ACSD and Petri nets)

Philippas Tsigas – Lock-free Data Sharing in Concurrent Software Systems

(Petri nets will stay in Club Lounge 1, ACSD moves to Press Conference Room.)

10:00–10:30 Arbitration  (Press Conference Room) (Session Chair: Jörg Keller)

Stanislavs Golubcovs, Andrey Mokhov, Alex Bystrov, Danil Sokolov and Alex Yakovlev – Generalised Asynchronous Arbiter

 11:00–12:30 Synthesis and Verification (Press Conference Room) (Session Chair: Wojciech Penczek)

  • Étienne André, Emmanuel Coquard, Laurent Fribourg, Jawher Jerray and David Lesens – Scheduling Synthesis for a Launcher Flight Control Using ParametricStopwatch Automata
  • Hiba Ouni, Kais Klai, Chiheb Ameur Abid and Belhassen Zouari – Towards Parallel Verification of Concurrent Systems Using the Symbolic Observation Graph
  • Étienne André, Didier Lime, Mathias Ramparison and Mariëlle Stoelinga – Parametric Analyses of Attack-fault Trees

13:30–15:00 Dataflow and Parallel Computing  (Session Chair: Laure Petrucci)

  • Keryan Didier, Albert Cohen, Adrien Gauffriau and Dumitru Potop Butucaru – Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Implementation Models for Data-flow Multi-threaded Software
  • Markus Anders and Klaus Schneider – A Formal Semantics of Exposed Datapath Architectures with Buffered Processing Units
  • Nicolas Melot, Christoph Kessler, Patrick Eitschberger and Jörg Keller – Co-optimizing Core Allocation, Mapping and DVFS in Streaming Programs with Moldable Tasks for Energy Efficient Execution on Manycore Architectures

15:30–17:00 Processes  (Session Chair: Stefan Haar)

  • Farbod Taymouri and Josep Carmona – Structural Computation of Alignments of Business Processes over Partial Orders
  • Paolo Felli, Massimiliano de Leoni and Marco Montali – Soundness Verification of Decision-Aware Process Models with Variable-to-Variable Conditions
  • Jean-Luc Béchennec, Didier Lime and Olivier H. Roux – Control of DES with Urgency, Avoidability and Ineluctability

Download Program Booklet here!

Download the Conference-USB-Stick here!